Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've gotta figure out something to write. Otherwise I'll never get this thing going! I think my mind has unlearned how to write a journal entry. I used to write these all the time. Not blogs, mind you, but daily journals. I think I had five that were completely filled by the time I got married. Some nights I'd just jot down a sentence or two to have something recorded. Some days I'd write a few pages or more of my thoughts or prayers. There were poems and songs that had come to mind in the middle of the entry. Lots of mistakes (and I'm not just talking about mechanical or syntactic errors - these were the real life ones). Lots jotted down while crying. So many questions. But there was one thing that every entry carried, regardless of what I wrote. Just the fact that I took the time to write meant that I cared enough to do it.

I have one journal left that has a little under half the pages filled. The other five are buried 6 feet under (quite literally. They're gone). I write rarely now. Maybe that's why I felt like I should start here. We'll see where this goes. Gotta go attend to the child.