Saturday, July 9, 2011

Food blog

I'm thinking about starting a food blog. Knowing that I don't like to follow typical protocols, this won't look much like the "normal" food blog. I just want to write about the weird stuff that comes out of my kitchen and is sometimes surprisingly good. This usually happens with my lunch items. Scott isn't too experimental with food, so he gets the run-o-the-mill meals like chicken marsala, steak, etc. etc. etc. Tonight was turkey and cranberry sandwiches on homemade bread. I just cooked up a turkey last night so I could use the meat for a couple meals this week. Scott saw the turkey and craved the sandwich. So be it. He's such a wonderful food critic. I'd say I get rave reviews between 90 and 95% of the time. Cool. Keeps me motivated.

I decided a couple days ago that I should try and calculate the amount of time I spend in the kitchen in a given day. Let's try. Okay, I wake up and go to the kitchen to make the girls something for breakfast. And clean up. And then I feed them and toss something around for myself to eat. Then there's a good 1 to 2 hours before Scott wakes up. So I make him breakfast and his cappuccino. Then I usually hang around in there processing some veggies or making bread or planning a lunch (cuz the girls are getting hungry again). And cleaning. Then I make lunch for the girls. The I feed them and make something for myself. Between all this kitchen time is the typical day stuff. And after lunch is naptime! I sleep too, once the house is presentable. After naptime, dinner begins. Whether it's planning out a meal or defrosting meat or marinading something, I'm in the kitchen. Plus, I'm a little hungry. Geez, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen! Dinner is ready, we eat, I clean. Then after the girls are in bed, dessert or popcorn or something. *sigh* Good think I love to cook.

K, so a couple of my sisters have asked me for my potato salad recipe. Must be the summer thing going on. Here's what I do:

Cook some little potatoes in boiling water, skin on, for about 15-20 minutes. Then drain in colander, place colander in bowl and cover with cloth. Let steam for another 15-20. This gives them a great consistency. Place in bowl, and add roughly 1/2-1 cup mayo, 1 tsp mustard (dijon works), salt and pepper to taste, and half a tsp semi-crushed dill seeds (I crush mine by hand). Mix it up, smash up some of the potatoes. Eat warm or chill. Yummy.

Gotta love it!

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